Birchwood Lakes


Birchwood Lakes aims to deliver a successful and sustainable holiday community which will deliver environmental, economic, tourism, nature conservation, biodiversity, heritage, landscape, community and planning benefits for North Devon.

Habitat First Group (HFG) is a family owned business, expert in the development of former mineral workings to deliver well designed, high quality, nature-based holiday accommodation. HFG is experienced in the development and operation of highly sustainable managed holiday communities, where nature conservation, leisure and sustainable development principles are fully integrated. We are developing two other successful sites - Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds and Silverlake in west Dorset, both within carefully managed nature conservation settings.

HFG purchased Venn Quarry in 2012, leasing it back to Aggregate Industries to allow it to complete restoration in accordance with the approved ROMP. Since 2014, HFG has been developing its own nature-based holiday accommodation proposals in parallel with an emerging restoration scheme by Aggregate Industries. Initial proposals were discussed with North Devon Council in 2014.

These were followed by technical investigations to inform revised restoration proposals. Collaborative work by the design team led to proposals that have responded to the more challenging site characteristics and comments arising for the second pre-application meeting. The revised work has resulted in significantly improved proposals, that respond to these considerations.

It is a very exciting prospect to have one fully functional holiday home community in the Cotswolds in the shape of Lower Mill Estate, one burgeoning community in the shape of Silverlake in Dorset and now another community in its infancy in the pre-application planning process. Very exciting times ahead for the whole team at HFG.


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